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This post was written by Form & Reform on January 23, 2011
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IDEO Holiday Party in SF 2011

The Boiler Bar crew got a chance to show off our toys and bars at IDEO party this weekend. Great event and lots of great people. So fun to hang out with such creative people. Great costumes, and the sets they made for us were over the top! Events like these remind me why I moved to the bay area and stayed!  Hope to do more with the people I met last night.

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Kyrsten and Emily

You don’t have a giant Iron snail in your living room?

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Awesome. Looks great fun. I love the snail as it reminds me of Brian in Magic Roundabout! The Boiler Room looks great. I will show the blog to my wife who is visiting SF in a couple of weeks. Amazing what a boiler search can bring up

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Look forward to meeting her, we have an event on the 26th of March

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