IDEO Party

IDEO Holiday Party in SF 2011

The Boiler Bar crew got a chance to show off our toys and bars at IDEO party this weekend. Great event and lots of great people. So fun to hang out with such creative people. Great costumes, and the sets they made for us were over the top! Events like these remind me why I moved to the bay area and stayed!  Hope to do more with the people I met last night.

My pictures

Kyrsten and Emily

You don’t have a giant Iron snail in your living room?

May Day Party this coming Saturday

Neopagans unite for the International Workers Day Celebration of

May 2nd 2009



The Boiler Bar presents:

May 2nd 8pm till the flowers wilt.

Snake Charming, CanCan Girls, Belly, Glass, Fire & May Pole Dancing, Burlesques, Balancing Acts, Old Timey Music by:
The Boiler Bar Performers
Gibson Pearl
Holly Volatile
Miss Opportunity


Room for cream; Jodi Waseca & JD Limelight
Sister Kate
Phat ManDee
One Man Banjo


Dance Around the May Pole
Gods and Goddesses dress in your best May outfit and be Crowned May Queen and King
Break from the Toil of your Labour to wait in the Soup Line
Talk about the State of the Union
Drink handmade Hooch from the Boiler Bar
See May Spring Forth in Flaming Aerial Spectacles
Touch the Golden Mean the Giant Iron Snail Car
Delight in the Simplicity of Fire and Sand
Shocked by the smoothness of our Drinks
Yell Mayday in a crowd


Black Smithing by Shawn Lovell

Art cars

Please let us know if you want to bring your car too!
The Golden Mean
Neverwas L B & O Trolley
The Marriage Wrecker


May 2nd 2009, 8pm-2am
2600 Magnolia at 26th street in West Oakland Map
Enter through the Parking Lot Gate
$10-20 donation to support the Golden Mean & Boiler Bar Theater

Thanks to Lagunitas for sponsoring this event!

Please Note: DJ’s and Ravers are welcome to talk
Bring Your own cup, spoon and bowl, or a wasteful red plastic one will be provided.


Sputnik Fire Garden


The Sputnik Fire Garden. A satellite you’ll want to orbit around on chilly nights.

These are made from recycled Halon spheres from ship board fire fighting systems. I added my Hand forged Pan legs and a rail to kick your feet on.

These Gardens are setup to run on propane and can also be setup to run natural gas. Shown here on the highest setting (yellow flame) they can also be turned down to a flickering blue flame. With a set of my hand forged tools you can write in the sand and make amazing fire art. It’s both warm and entertaining!

Contact me if you’d like to own one for your own yard.

Rentals are avalible for these, the Boiler Bar, and Stage for events and parties.
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