Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition & C. March 12-14th 2010

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Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition & C.

Maker Guest of Honor

Jon Sarriugarte

Presents in the best of his knowledge the following items for your perusement at the afore mention exhibition.

Shock, delight, and heal your desires with the Hogan High Frequency Apparatus

Stand in awe of the Golden Mean’s Magical Wonderment’s

Shudder with fright & delight at the Giant Prehistoric creature Sarriugarteis (Odontochile) trilobite

Learn How to use your steampunk goggles, patented your ideas and make a buck in these trying times

Holdfast Borderless Frame

Jon will be available to you & at your convenience will converse with you at long lengths (3days) his knowledge to date. He will also make available a limited quantity of hand made items made by himself and the Boiler Bar performers for you to prove to your friends, back home, that these things do exist.


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