Serpent Twins new video

KSW rollout November 12th 2011


Kinetic Steam Works



The Serpent Twins

This is a great event to bring your kids to. Learn the basics of steam engines, see some great Machine art, eat food, drink beer and watch the kids imagine what they are going to do when they grow up.

Serpent Twins thank you party

Serpent Twins thank you party Oct 22nd 9pm

As a special thank you to our over $100 Kickstarter supportors there will be a special thank you VIP party from 6 to 9pm

General admission starts at 9pm

2600 Magnolia Oakland CA


This is your chance to see the Serpent Twins finished, meet the artists and crew who built these wonderful creations.

 Come prepared to enjoy the sights of the

Empire of Dirt

Serpent Twins  Two 50ft long color morphing serpents
The Golden Mean The giant iron snail car
The Electrobite An electric prehistoric wonder
Zeppelini The lost WWII personnel flight vehicle
Plus songs from our flying angels Jillian & Kyrsten.


Stick around past midnight and help celebrate Jon Sarriugarte’s birthday!
Thank you to the following Donors who gave

Serpent Twins on the move

Jillian from Because We Can shot some wonderful pictures of us at Burning Man this year.

Here is a video I shot with my GoPro

Serpent Twins at Burning Man

Burning Man 2011

This project turned out to be a winner! After all the hard work we were so grateful to have everyone tell us how much they loved our serpents!

A really big thanks to my crew and family who hung with me to the end.

Thanks to Burning Man, our friends and to the burners who bought shade, for your financial support.

My photo’s

Will’s Pictures

Video of the serpents

Because We Can

 These beast are so fun to drive. We slithered back and forth looking for prey to cull out of the crowd and surround with our 50ft long bodies. The horror on their face that quickly melted into a giant grin made my week night after night. Kisses to you all and sorry if I ran over your toes!

 Zolie at her 5th burn. She kept the tongue and diamond clean all day.

 beautifully lit serpents

 the tail built with the help of Because We Can


 A wonderful picture by Arin Fishkin of the Serpents and the Electrobite

Rising up to the support

The Serpents are growing and taking shape everyday. Lots of wonderful friends and new faces showed up to help Sunday and lots got done. Still needing skilled volunteers. Contact me if you have skills in metal fabrication, general fabrication, LED knowledge, soldering, Flash animation of LEDs.  car stereo installation, sewing. For people with no workshop skills – be a gopher for hardware or food runs, help us organize and mail out rewards from our sure-to-be-successful kickstarter so we can keep moving forward… I’m sure I can think of more!

The kickstarter fundraiser is going well but we still need more than $4000 to get our funding! Please tell your friends, spam the world, pitch in a $25. Less than a week left and if we don’t fully fund we lose the $6000 we have already raised!

Pictures of our progress

past posts

The head begins to take shape. It looks incredible and I can’t wait to see it filled in with sheet metal.

Tansy and Kyrsten have been working hard to get the fins cut.

Me laying out the head on cardboard.

Sitcom Outlet Extravaganza Party!

Sitcom Outlet

Extravaganza Party!

Part moving day sale &
part “High Street Lofts” creative space launch…
To celebrate their new, creative space – Sitcom Outlet is having an Extravaganza Party!

When: Saturday, June 25th – Sunday, June 26th

Where: Sitcom Outlet

839 High Street

Join us for raffles, prizes, music,

food, fun and a buying frenzy with super discounts on all
your favorite Sitcom collections!

What are “High Street Lofts” all about?
A new creative space in their former warehouse designed
with a creative, industrial and community focus…
The lofts represent their commitment to the community to
increase the entrepreneurial spirit. ..
Local businesses and entrepreneurs from the area
will be supporting them in their outlet to help celebrate


Serpent Twins full swing shift

The build of the Serpent Twins is in full production now. Nice to see the shop so busy and the pile of unfinished work giving way to the finished one. This is going to be a really cool project and I’m excited about performing with our new 50 ft long 24 volt puppets!

Support our project here

Picture updates of the build


We are done framing the wing and now the start of the lower Jaw. After the framing is done all this will get filled in with sheet metal.

Discovery channel Canada came by for a day shoot to see what we are up to this year.

Lauren soldering 1000’s of LEDs for the body of the white Serpent

Tansy painting the wheels black.

I’ve been working on fins with the help of Because We Can‘s custom made plasma cutting jigs.

Kickstarter rewards for the Serpent Twins Funding

The Serpent Twins

To fund our new Burning Man project this year we started a kickstarter and we are offering some nice rewards for helping us. These items are handmade by Jon Sarriugarte in his shop Form & Reform. The Cattail Candle Holder and Modular Side table are signed. We are offering these to you for less than retail and you get to help a wonderful project and enjoy Jon’s art in your home too! I can ship the Table and Cattail to your home anywhere USA!

Rewards Here

A night out in the east-bay with your friends in the Golden Mean. Even better? A night at Burning Man in the snail with shade chilled champagne! Travel in style to see the art, music and people of Burning Man in the comfort of the Golden Mean.

Cattail Candle holder $345

64″ x 9″

Modular Side Table $540

24″ x 22″ x 20″

Slithering Serpent Body

Serpent Twins



It stopped raining long enough for me to test out the trailers. They work great, tracks, turns tight and looks like a 50′ serpent! Very happy overall.

The head of the Black Serpent gets it’s wings

The LED mounting tubes that go inside of each white barrel. Christine drilled 300 holes in each one! Now we have to push 300 of Cool Neon’s lights into each one

Fritz & Mort layout the barrels for the Black serpent.
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