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We can work from your drawings, or help you though the entire design process.

Our work is well crafted, attention to detail, thoughtful,  and will last lifetimes.

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Boiler Bar Theater Presents at Maker Fair May 3rd & 4th

Maker Faire

Jon Sarriugartes Boiler Bar Theater Presents
Circassian dancing beauties Denzel and Gibson
Mitara balances death
Dr. Morton presents a miracle elixir
Snake charmer Tansy
Dancing on Glass
Miss Melanies oddity emporium
Funambulist Mitara
Holy Volatile lights up the stage with fire
Uber Da entrances the musical ear

Fire Gardens to warm the body
A quartet of Circassian dancing beauties
Mitara balances death
Dr. Morton presents a miracle elixir
Snake charmer Tansy
Dancin on Glass
Miss Melanies oddity emporium
Funambulist Mitara
Denzel lights up the stage with fire

Zen Fire Gardens for Sale


Here are a few of the new Fire Sculptures I’m working on for this weekends event.


You won’t find a hotter Valentine than this!


Here we’re putting the final touches on our new Sputnik Fire Gardens. These Outdoor fire pits are great for cold spring and summer nights. We fill them with sand and the propane gas burns at the surface creating a magical blue flame that dances on the sand. You can draw in the sand and the fire follows the lines you make! These are both enjoyable and warm.

Past work:

Desert flower

A’s Fire Garden

Please contact us if you are unable to attend and want to find out more about my fire sculptures and pricing.


Desert Flower

I wanted to do A more organic fire sculpture for the upcoming show at the Crucible. I was inspired by desert blooms that come after a good rain this time of year. I’ve been working on a new venturis burner system that will now make it possible for me to make more artful replacements of the patio heater. I’m very happy with it and look forward to warming my hands and watching my wife dance on the new Boiler Bar Stage.


Testing out the new burner in my shop.


Up close: no smoke or flames outside the tubes, great fuel air mix and it’s getting very Hot!

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