John Law’s Book Release Party at City Lights Bookstore


John Law has been a friend of mine for so many years I forget when we met. He’ s the guy that shows up and works. He’s an instigator of the best kind and keeps us all on our toes. Please make time to hear this wonderful man rant about what things used to be like and how soon life as we know it will come to an end.

The Space Between is a collection of three stories inspired by the author’s lifelong obsession with bridges. An avid urban adventurer and bridge historian, the author shares his passion for these engineering marvels while delving into their potential to fuel our dreams, fears, and nightmares. Part dreamscapes, part adventure tales, these narratives take the reader on an exploration of bridges to inspire their contemplation on a structural as well as metaphysical level.


261 Columbus Avenue at Broadway (North Beach)
San Francisco, California 94133
Tel (415) 362-8193
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