Jon Sarriugarte’s new designs available at Restoration Hardware

 Restoration Hardware

I was approached by Gary Friedman and his team from restoration Hardware this year to design a group of lights for them. Gary and the team had eaten at Camino restaurant in Oakland CA and liked the lights I had done for them. I ended up designing 11 lights for RH for the fall catalog.
These production lights are beautifully crafted, well designed and very affordable.

If you’re interested in a uniquely designed and crafted light just for you please contact me. jon at formandreform dot com

My custom work is made right here in West Oakland in my shop Form & Reform. Each piece is signed and made to make your space uniquely yours. Here is some of the custom lighting I have done.

My furniture line is available here

Sunbrothers Studio Presents Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Sale & Party



Now in it’s 9th year this show has some of the best light and fire artist the bay area has to offer. I will be showing my fire gardens as well as some select furniture from my  Form & Reform line. Weather permitting we will have the snail car on hand as well. This is a rain or shine event and I will be there regardless of the weather, with plenty of warmth from my fire gardens.


Valentine’s Day 2009

Saturday, Feb. 14th, 6-10 pm (rain or shine)

1345 S. 50th St. Richmond 94804

Kevin has been kind enough to share the floor with other artists:
Collaborative artists include

Kevin Gauna  (Sunbrothers) will have a new set of single and double Long Stem Roses available, a set of Vining Sweet Pea starter plants, and last but not least,  a new concept he’s dubbed the Solar Blade.

Dan Romo (patinas on Roses and Peas); Studio Romo

Zachary Wetzel (blade fabrication); South 50 Studios

Also on display will be work by

Mike Woolson |selected photography| Jumbobrain

Jon Sarriugarte |fire gardens, custom forged furniture| Form & Reform

Kitty Hutton |paintings, mixed media|
Zach Wetzel |fire sculpture| South 50 Studio Dorklandia |I don’t know but I cant wait|

Dave Andres |fire sculpture, jacobs ladder|

Please join us for an evening of light and art. And don’t miss a chance to win a Long Stem Rose at the RAFFLE!!! Raffle held at 9:00 pm, tickets available at the show.
Winner must be present to win.

Camino’s is now Open!

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Opening Night Party at Camino’s Restaurant. The food was great, conversation, warm fire, warm night, and great cocktails. Here is a recipe, more or less, I picked up from the bartenders.

shot of pear Brandy
shot of port
half a shot of triple sec
5 shakes of bitters
twist of Meyer lemon
over Ice

Metal work I did for them

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