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What a night! I will post the Fire Photo Booth picture once I get them all down loaded. Keep checking back.

On my way back to the shop now to clean up. I had such a great time, I never picked up my camera. Please send me photos if you took them ASAP. It’s so enjoyable to have such great play mates! Alan, Christopher, Lauren, Tansy, Tackett…… You guys really made it possible to have such talented dancers strut their stuff and make us smile…Thanks!

Here’s a great comment I found on my site this morning:

Visiting one of these events is not only a memorable lifetime experience but you will be helping a gifted artistic couple keep their flame burning. A large eclectic following is developing so no doubt anyone joining their troupe will later be able to say “I knew them when they were just starting out.” The party on December 13th requires a whole long list of words to just begin to describe it. Here are a few: Eclectic, fascinating, retro, artistic, enthusiastic, imaginative, fun, and dusty. Where else can you find a vaudeville show in a welding shop in the ominous and shady part of town? There’s nothing else like it. Best Wishes-Dusty Rhodes

And this from Christopher that is too funny for words:

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