The Stupendous Boiler Bar Holiday Party Dec 13th

This post was written by Form & Reform on November 25, 2008
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Benefit for the Golden Mean

Our Halloween party went so well we decided to host a Holiday party this year. We will have some amazing talent on stage including but not limited to:

Circassian dancing beauties
Mitara balances death
Dr. Morton presents a miracle elixir
Snake charmer Tansy
Denzel Dancing on Glass
Miss Melanies oddity emporium
Funambulist Mitara
Holy Volatile lights up the stage with fire
Can Can Girls
and More!

The crew is putting together a few new surprises including the shocking new Acme photo booth with a flash of fire, Electrical shock and bubbles to capture those special moments of life.


December 13th 2008, 8pm-2am
2600 Magnolia at 26th street in West Oakland Map
Enter through the Parking Lot Gate
$5-10 donation to support the Golden Mean
Santa and his helpers get a free drink
Thanks to Lagunitas for sponsoring this event!

Reader Comments

Visiting one of these events is not only a memorable lifetime experience but you will be helping a gifted artistic couple keep their flame burning. A large eclectic following is developing so no doubt anyone joining their troupe will later be able to say “I knew them when they were just starting out.” The party on December 13th requires a whole long list of words to just begin to describe it. Here are a few: Eclectic, fascinating, retro, artistic, enthusiastic, imaginative, fun, and dusty. Where else can you find a vaudeville show in a welding shop in the ominous and shady part of town? There’s nothing else like it. Best Wishes-Dusty Rhodes

Written By R. Dusty Rhodes on December 14th, 2008 @ 11:28 am

Damn, was that a hoot and a holler. Good fucking times I say. Fire, dancing girls, and good drink. This event has changed my entire perception of this town, and I thank you for it. Coolest party ever.

Written By Craig on December 14th, 2008 @ 9:58 pm


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