Desert Flower

I wanted to do A more organic fire sculpture for the upcoming show at the Crucible. I was inspired by desert blooms that come after a good rain this time of year. I’ve been working on a new venturis burner system that will now make it possible for me to make more artful replacements of the patio heater. I’m very happy with it and look forward to warming my hands and watching my wife dance on the new Boiler Bar Stage.


Testing out the new burner in my shop.


Up close: no smoke or flames outside the tubes, great fuel air mix and it’s getting very Hot!


Lights for Camino’s

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We are wrapping up a fun project for a new local restaurant called Camino’s.

This is one of 4 5 foot wide light fixtures that will be installed next month. Each one of those tubes on the main ring will have a bulb and the wires will drape from one to the other. We also made the wall sconces and brick oven tools for them. I’m looking forward to eating under these lights!

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The Crucible’s “Hot Couture” featuring the Boiler Bar

The Crucible is hosting the Hot Couture fashion show this Jan 17th, 18th, 19th with a blazing showcase of wearable art from Bay Area designers, awe-inspiring fire performances, aerial artistry, fire arts demonstrations, and myself as the featured fire artist along with the Boiler Bar Theater performers.



I’ll have several of my Zen fire gardens to play with all 3 nights. In addition to keeping everyone warm, these interactive works are fun to play with. I’ll provide tools that you can draw designs in the sand and watch fire fill the voids. It’s mesmerizing to watch.


The Boiler Bar




Belly Dancing


We took inspiration from the 1920’s Oil rush to create the Boiler Bar and Boiler Bar Theater.

The bar is riveted top to bottom and topped with a fire show that for a tip will get you a 8 foot fire ball from the bar tender.

I have created 4 Zen Fire Gardens that will amaze a sober patron and wow the eyes.

While enjoying the warmth of our fire and the comfort of a drink you can take in the sights of exotic belly dancers, fire performers, and readings from the biggest little stage, at the “Boiler Bar Theater”.


Jon Sarriugarte (Fire Art)
Jon Sarriugarte, Rich Sciortino (Boiler Bar)


Gibson Pearl
Holly Volatilee
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