Sputnik Fire Garden


The Sputnik Fire Garden. A satellite you’ll want to orbit around on chilly nights.

These are made from recycled Halon spheres from ship board fire fighting systems. I added my Hand forged Pan legs and a rail to kick your feet on.

These Gardens are setup to run on propane and can also be setup to run natural gas. Shown here on the highest setting (yellow flame) they can also be turned down to a flickering blue flame. With a set of my hand forged tools you can write in the sand and make amazing fire art. It’s both warm and entertaining!

Contact me if you’d like to own one for your own yard.

Rentals are avalible for these, the Boiler Bar, and Stage for events and parties.


Dancing at the Boiler Bar Theater



Holly Volatile


Happy Valentines Day!!

These are new works I made for the Valentines party sale last weekend. I really had fun playing in the shop. These days it’s a rarity for me and very wellcome. The Valentines Party was great fun (sorry I didn’t take a single picture) and I sold several pieces!

Please contact me if your interested in a piece.


Flaming Heart 18 x 24″ $700  sold (call if you want me to make one)



Sputnik Fire Garden 22″ bowl $1100




Touchier 60″ $1100




Catholic Heater 60″ $1100

Euskara Kaixo !


I got a nice surprise link from Spain today from www.sustatu.com My Basque is limited and mainly consists of swear words and asking for kisses from grandma. If anyone out there speaks Basque and can translate the blog and send me the author I would be grateful.

Here’s a picture of my fridge to let you know I have not forgotten where my family is from.


Zen Fire Gardens for Sale


Here are a few of the new Fire Sculptures I’m working on for this weekends event.


You won’t find a hotter Valentine than this!


Here we’re putting the final touches on our new Sputnik Fire Gardens. These Outdoor fire pits are great for cold spring and summer nights. We fill them with sand and the propane gas burns at the surface creating a magical blue flame that dances on the sand. You can draw in the sand and the fire follows the lines you make! These are both enjoyable and warm.

Past work:

Desert flower

A’s Fire Garden

Please contact us if you are unable to attend and want to find out more about my fire sculptures and pricing.


Sunbrothers Studios Presents: Valentine’s Day Roses


Sunbrothers Studios Presents:


Valentine’s Day Roses 2008

Saturday, February 9th, 6-10 pm (rain or shine)1345 S 50th St, Richmond 94804

Come and see Photovoltaic Roses like you’ve never seen before.  Stipules, bud eyes, petioles, the works! Bracts and peduncles, sepals, pistils and stamens; all will be on display, rendered in copper and glass in this new edition of solar powered sculptures.

I will have a set of single and double long stems, as well as some larger pieces including this year’s showpiece rose, a collaboration with (the fabulous!) Joe Rut.

Also on display this year:

Jon Sarriugarte’s Zen Fire Garden Sculptures

And his new outdoor fire pits


Photo by Scott Beale

Jeremy Lutes will be showing some new illuminated insect sculptures.

We’ll have Urchindise by Lee Kobus..  You know, like Merchandise, but with an Ur Alex Whisnant will be back with new chocolate delights (get ‘em quick, they go fast). 

David Andres will have Fire Sculpture, including his Vortex piece. 

Raven Hanna will show her new line of “aminobet”silver jewelry thatuses the shapes of amino acids to spell words and names.

And last but certainly not least, M Woolson will hang images from his upcoming show EASTBAYNIA. 

So come to the show, and get a chance to win a Long Stem Rose at the RAFFLE at 9:30! (winner must be present to win)

Boiler Bar Head Trip

The Boiler Bar and the Zen Fire Gardens will be at the opening for “Head Trip” This Sat.

Please join us for fun, drink and Jarico’s bad jokes!



Bolier Bar Show at the crucible

We had our first show last week and boy was it fun. Everyone seem to love our tongue in cheek turn of the century oil town bar. The girls were amazing and really warmed the place despite the cold wind from outside.


The Boiler Bar Dancers


Boiler Bar in action


I brought out 7 of my Zen Fire Gardens. The biggest attraction was the heat they gave off (it was cold), but once near the warmth they then discovered how fun they are to play with and watch.

Contact Jon for sales and rental information


The Circassian Beauties





Gibson Pearl






Holly Volatile



Jon Sarriugarte

I want to thank: Christopher Schardt for sound, Christopher Brooks for fire safety, Rich Sciortino, Katherine Summer for costumes,  the Crucible and staff, and lastly the dancers for all their hard work both on stage and off.

The stage


Scottie came by for a day last week to lend a hand welding the stage up. She got the basic platform done.


Here Hino adds the stairs he designed. He also added legs with adjustable feet to level it out.


Next we cut plywood for the top and started making the mounts for the back drop we painted last week. Where am I going to store all this stuff?


Scottie practicing her fire eating for the upcoming show at the crucible this week.

Boiler Bar Theater back drop is done


Here I’m cleaning up the edges, adding the fringe back in and doing some doodles around the number on the bottom. I’d forgotten how nice old lead paint is to work with. The colors are so thick.


Now it’s time to make it old. I painted one side with good old orange shellac. It really warms up the whole thing and gives it that tea stained/old smoke look.


Here it is completed. I’m really amazed at how great this looks. I’m going to be doing a lot more painting both on canvas and on my metal work.


The family ready for the stage.

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