The Golden Zeppelini Instructable

Here is my new Instructable for my latest creation.

The Golden Zeppelini

Thanks for the votes! Now it’s up to the Judges.

I won 1st place!!!

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The Golden Zeppelini

The Golden Zeppelini

The Build

The Instructable

photo by: Christopher Michel

In high school I was friends with the great grand daughter of Rommel the Desert Fox. She told me a story then she had heard about Mussolini’s top secret rigid air ship program in the 1930’s. I did some research last year in preparation for a BM grant and found this incredible airship. Modeled after the German program with help from them. Their ship was much smaller and covered in a gold finish. A later discovery of the crew outfits was a wonderful surprise and of course they had surpassed the the German’s ten fold.

Dusty original discovered!

Finished and ready for flight!

Full crew

Golden Mean and the Zeppelini

Risk-A Cabaret a Steampunk Side Show

Please join us for a night of dust free fun. The Golden Mean and my new Zeppelini will be there for your entertainment pleasure.

Empire of Sky

My latest build is half done and working great! It’s based on the Zeppelin built for the Navy called the Macon.

The drive for this build is an electric wheelchair. I’m able to quick release the motor and drop it out the bottom for service. It’s really fast and as you can see from the video it turns on a dime and clears a 16 foot space of any thing in it’s way.

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Looks very similar

Conception: Sketches of the Golden Mean

Every Great artwork started as an idea and a simple sketch. Come see the humble sketches of our art car the Golden Mean and other great Conceptions.

**Canceled** 20 Tons of Sand presents Empire of Dirt ** Canceled**

Due to permit issues with the event staff we have decided not to perform this sat at Sand by the Ton. The front Porch will still show up. We are sad and had a really good show planned. This was to be our fundraiser, please join the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean fan club to keep track of our next fabulous events And if you would like make a donation to the car here:

Friends and family? Join us in the parking lot at the shop for some bbq a beer and maybe the girls on the loading dock putting on a show.

The Boiler Bar crew & The Front Porch have decided to throw in with Sand by the Ton and hold our annual fundraiser there instead.

We teamed up with all our favorite art, cars, performers, and music to create the spot to be July 31st, stage number 9.

Update to Stage #9

Sister Kate


2 one hundred foot water slides, 300 tons of sand, eight swimming pools, nine stages
including live music, electronic music stage, bluegrass and circus arts, giant foam wars bathtub, carnival midway and side shows, giant sand sculpture, thousands of your closest friends, and a host of other ambitious ideas yet to be formulated!

Saturday July 31st, 2010
Big Art Studios at American Steel

1960 Mandela Parkway Oakland, California 94607
tickets are limited & exclusively avaliable at
Tickets go on sale July 1st

Stage #23
Art & Sculpture by:
Dan Das Mann – Karen Cusolito – Michael Christian – Flaming Lotus Girls – Orion Fredericks – Roseanna Scimeca – Omega Recoil (will it fry?) plus others to be announced later

Stage #9
The Traveling Wonders of the Boiler Bar & The Front Porch Stage
El Radio Fantastique • Blue Bone
Express • Thee Hobo Goblins • Shovel
Man (Digging deep for music) • Denzel (Dances
on Glass) • Tansy the Serpent Queen•
Miss Opportunity(what will she do next?) •
Holly Volatile • JD Limelight • Room
for Cream • Miss Melanie’s Oddity Em-
porium • The Boiler Bar performers, Sister Kate

Stage #111
Symbiosis Stage
Antennae (Acid Crunk/Muti Music)
Little Jon (Raindance)
Treavor Moontribe (Iboga Recs-Desert Dwellers)
Phidelity (Native State
Mozaic (Glimmer Of Dope)
Bogl&Dials (Symbiosis-Soundpieces)
Tonyinorbit (Symbiosis)
Danny Corn (3ws)
Laura (El Circo)
Shawna (El Circo)
Chlorophil (Cosmicleaf-Synchronos)

Stage #86
Dustfish Bordello Stage
From Weimar to Vegas and all points in-
between……these acts sizzle with sensual,
glamorous, humorous, supersexy eyecandy!
SF Boylesque
Dark Sparkle
Barbary Coast Burlesque
Burley Sisters
La Malinche

Stage #92
big ART Studios Live Music Stage
The Mutaytor
Kid Beyond
Mark Growden Sextet
Fil Lorenz Orchestra
Super Geek League
Tornado Rider
Special performance on Michael Christian’s sculpture by
Gooferman & Vau De Vire Society

Stage #68
The Bicycle Stage
Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo
First Rule BMX Collective
Bicycle carnival rides, jousting & bicycle trickeryall night!

Stage #13
Wanderlust Circus Stage
Performances on Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito’s figures by:
Mr. Creature
William Batty
Brittany Walsh
Tera Zara
Russell Bruner
Jay Leiber

Stage #000

Opulent Temple Stage:
Syd Gris (Opulent Temple / Opel)
Dutch (Opulent Temple)
TekFreaks (Opulent Temple / TeknicalFunk / CDR)
Icon (Opulent Temple /
Billy Seal (Opulent Temple)
Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple / Opel)
Drew Drop (Opulent Temple)
Jamie Lin (Opulent Temple)
Jonboy (Swag / Dubalicious)
T-Dub (Rebel Bass Collective)
P-Dub (guerillaBASS)
Mike Butler (OTWB)
Rachel Whiskeydevil (OTWB)

Stage # 5.1
Space Cowboys Stage
Brad Robinson
Kapt’n Kirk
Zach Moore

Tar Pit Family Fun at LACMA


We call ourselves Oilpunk so it only fitting that we visit the source, the Mecca, the La Brea Tar pits.

Both our creatures and the handlers enjoyed the humans we found here.

The Golden Mean looking for some oil at the tar pits

more pictures of our day

Gary Baseman‘s “Giggle and Pop!”

ChouChous  and the Golden Mean

Giving rides on the Electrobite

Western Days Grand prize!

Empire of the Dust

The Porch, Golden Mean, Electrobite, El Radio Fantastique and the little house won 1st place, Grand Prize, and a blue ribbon at the 61st Western Days!

We had a great time and we Love Point Reyes! Big Thanks to Bonnie and Jason for making us come!

Jon’s Pictures of the parade

Stagecoach 2010

Stagecoach 2010 was a hoot!

I have never seen so many cowboys in one place. Over 50,000 people came and camped for 2 days of music. I got invited along to crew with the Front Porch and drink. I got a chance to try out my cowboy jokes and generally harrass anyone I saw. We were well received starting our days out at 9am and did I mention my new morning drink, the Beermosa. Now we can drink before noon!

1 can Bud light
1/2 cup OJ
Over Ice, in a cup
Drinking game:
Duck tape your fresh beer to the top of the last one.
Great way to keep track of  how many you drank and at the end of the night you have a walking stick to get home with.

The Art and Music was great, but the people, my friends, the marines who woke us every morning at dusk, the Stagecoach crew and these pictures are what I’ll remember.

What was that!

The Front Porch at the HALF-PINT HOOTENANNY right next to the beer garden and the cleanest toilets at the event!

Girls and Beer

Cowboy Jazz hands

Thank god these 2 came along to do our dishes!

Great performance on the stage by Andrea Harrell

More videos

More Pictures

Yuri’s Night

Raygun Gothic Rocket

Kyrsten, Zolie and I had a great time as NASA’s guests at Yuri’s night.

The art looked great and it was great to see friends. Could have used a bit more fire and a Giant Iron Snail Car!

more pictures
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