Tomato Trellis and Family

Zolie amazing Karydis with her Tomato crop

When I was Zolie’s age now my dad put in his first garden at our house in Boise Idaho. Tomatoes have always been grown in our Basque family and we have taken pride in them for generations. I remember us taking first place in the Idaho State fair in the mid 70’s for the biggest tomato! We were just shy of a world record! I recall it taking several jars for mom to can and it was as big as my sisters and I head. Over the years my dad worked out a system of supports for the huge plants we would grow that I still use today in the garden with Zolie. Well now he has improved it and he sent me his updated system and photos of the results (see link below)!


Power Tool Drag Races this Weekend

This is the best white trash event I have ever been to! What more can you ask for, beer, girls, grease, greasy girls, racing, sun burns, and every DIY engineer freak the bay area has to offer. I will be out there with the Big Wheel Racer beating the greasy socks off of everyone again and taking home the prize money to feed my family for another year!


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