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The Golden Zeppelini Instructable

Here is my new Instructable for my latest creation.

The Golden Zeppelini

Thanks for the votes! Now it’s up to the Judges.

I won 1st place!!!

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The Golden Zeppelini

The Golden Zeppelini

The Build

The Instructable

photo by: Christopher Michel

In high school I was friends with the great grand daughter of Rommel the Desert Fox. She told me a story then she had heard about Mussolini’s top secret rigid air ship program in the 1930’s. I did some research last year in preparation for a BM grant and found this incredible airship. Modeled after the German program with help from them. Their ship was much smaller and covered in a gold finish. A later discovery of the crew outfits was a wonderful surprise and of course they had surpassed the the German’s ten fold.

Dusty original discovered!

Finished and ready for flight!

Full crew

Golden Mean and the Zeppelini

Turkey Shoot it’s over!

West Oakie Turkey Shoot 2009


I saw big kids and small alike shooten for their bird! Man was fresh deep-fried turkey good!

I really want to thank everyone who worked, played, danced, sang, burned, talked, drank, and saw me smile. It was quite the night as these pictures show.

Please send me your links!

Will’s pictures

Karen’s pictures

Liisa’s pictures

Kevin’s pictures

Rick’s Pictures



Whiskey, gun, and a red neck…thanks Che!


Ahhhh the Porch! it transform the parking lot into another place that was not West Oakland. Here it is with the The Easy Leaves making our feet tap!


Jodi lighting a cigarette to the sounds of JD’s banjo.

I watched and enjoyed EL RADIO FANTASTIQUE, Mykee Ramen and the Boiler Bar performers and was sorry I didn’t have my camera to capture what wonderful things were happening on our very little Boiler Bar stage.


And to top it all off CHP finally made it to the party a few hours after sunrise to take a turn at shooting the fire.

Jon’s Pictures

Snail Happy Hour @ Cafe Biere

Zolie and I stopped by Cafe Biere for their BBQ and  beer tasting  happy hour last night. The normal fair there is Belgium with a Latin flavor. Great fries, mussels and spicy dips!  They had BBQ set up at the curb and Zolie and I shared the most wonderful plate of fresh roasted corn on the cob, ribs and a baked patatoe. Yum!

I got to sample a few beers, but my favorite was the “Black Oil”

Harviestoun Ola Dubh (30 Year Old) Ola Dubh (or ‘Black Oil’) is a collaboration between Harviestoun Brewery and Highland Park, Distiller of the Year. It is based on Harviestoun’s award-winning Old Engine Oil. With more than a stylistic nod to the classic Imperial Porters (and Stouts) of the nineteenth century, this deliciously rich, dark, 8% a.b.v. beer is the first ale to be aged in malt whisky casks from a named distillery and, with traceable casks.

I will be back there again especially for the happy hour beer and conversation with the locals.


Art Car Royal Can-you for sale


Fellow builder Greg Barron from Rideable Bicycle Replicas is getting ready to build a half scale size Frigate or Brigantine, a fully functional square rigged sailing vessel for next year and needs to clear out his present creation to make room and raise some money.  Greg  wanted to see if  he could make an art car sail since the La Contessa didn’t, nice concept but no functionality as a sailing vessel. It irritated him. The canoe concept was pretty basic and easy and it does sail under wind power alone, quite well in fact. The Can-you hit 16 mph this year up at the BR Yacht Club in a stiff breeze. New speed record and 9 people on deck too. Go sail a reach in silence and then bring it about, fire up the engine and motor back upwind. Repeat. Plus it’s nice to take  on a sunset sail. Can’t wait to see his new vessel and take a ride.


Contact Greg for more information if your interesting in buying the Royal Can-you

Greg Barron
Rideable Bicycle Replicas

Art Car progression


Mid body is done and hoops for the frame are done. Now it’s time to fill in the sheet metal head and tackle the ribs on the rear potion of the body. After staring at pictures of millions of years of these things I finally  found a set of rules to follow to make it look real. This thing is going to look like a fossil in the dust on the playa at BM.


Amy Jenkins came by to discuss the leather seat she’s going to make for us. The leather Kyrsten picked out matches the steel perfect. Amy is going to match the ribs we made in steel with leather. hopefully  it won’t even look like a vehicle.


Underside of the shell


More Pictures

The Golden Meandsc_0822

Lauren and Alan have finished the engine rebuild. Rebuild carb, valve adjustment, new 85amp alternator, ignition, gaskets, main seal, clutch, throw out bearing, heater hoses for heat in the snail, oil pan, oil change, and a fair amount of new chrome and paint! Should run like new. Tansy got quite a bit done on the new dash, and Christopher and I almost finished the Carney Wagon hitch and wiring. Still have a long list and 2 weeks to go.

More Pictures

Electrobite work gets underway

We are now in full work mode on the Electrobite car. Frame is done for the seat and today I forged the points for the head loop. We upgraded the wheels after our playa tests last month. I don’t think we will have any problems now, and the slightly bigger size makes it even faster.



Zolie and I hauling away the “extra” parts from the wheelchair we started with.


Tansy’s glass test for the eyes! Wow this is going to be great looking! Kyrsten ordered RGB LED’s to put behind.

Pill Bug art car coming soon!

I’m looking for a ATV quad to make into a art car in the shape of a pill bug.

The snail needs company at BM this year and I think this would be a fun simple project for this years event.

The rear end will be a fire pit to gather around when things get cold. Sadles on top with a bit of Oilpunk details thrown in.

Let me know if you have a lead on an ATV in the bayarea.

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