Post March Madness

This was a fun party with plenty of toys and boys.

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Christopher lighting the fire

John and Chris

Lost 2 eyebrows, the hair on my right leg and a good part of my sideburns sitting here…thx John!

Coil and Bulbs

The West Oakland Tesla Drill team performing “Crossed Swords”





Omega Recoil Performing with their Tesla Coil at Nimby

Omega Recoil Performing with their Tesla Coil at Nimby for the Do it for Haiti Benefit

Concept and The Show

A team of high-level rat scientists have gotten hold of a Tesla Coil and will be testing it on a living human test subject in a special metal suit designed to protect the human, or so the rat scientists hope. They will lure the human out under this suspended 1.3 million volt Tesla Coil with man’s favorite drinkā€¦ Beer. The un-suspecting human will be surprised to find out that this particular can of beer has been grounded to the giant coil. When he approaches for refreshment, the giant coil will come to life and he will receive a massive bolt of lighting to the head. This, we call the reverse Pavlovian an experiment. The rat scientists will be training the human to operate all of the machinery involved in the show using the positive and negative re-enforcement of a lightning bolt.

We will have a Narrator/Barker explaining the science of the Tesla Coil and the principals of the suit and the experiments. The barker will narrate the performance as the rat scientists perform the experiments on the human.

We will also do experiments with massive power distribution and switching equipment like that used by the power utilities.

Our show is much more informative than our previous incarnations. We have a larger team of very innovative and ingenious members creating the experiments that no one has ever seen, including a suspended, upside down coil.

Hogan is Done WOW!

This thing just keeps getting better! We just started to play with toys and human subjects. Can’t wait to show it off this weekend at Dorkbot




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