Burning Man and the Golden Mean

This post was written by Form & Reform on September 10, 2008
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Well we are finally here. The Snail is a BIG hit and everyone loves it. Our DMV shifts helping people register their cars went so smooth and visiting with people there is one of the highlights of my trip. The dust is bad, but one of the best nights was riding around with Kyrsten and Merrilee on bikes and running into wonderful snapshots of playa life that faded away with the next brown out and rain. Everyone out seems happy and ghost like alive in their dusty best.


The Girls loved the snail. Merrilee has story time in it each afternoon.

Our camps round up of Art Cars.

Kyrsten and I dusty and happy burn night

Moths caught in our 500 watt spotlight. We’re having so much fun lighting up everything with it!


Morning on the playa

See you at home, back in West Oakland!

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Maybe I’ve read “Uzumaki” too many times, but that is one truly frightening snail 🙂

Written By JonathanDavis on September 16th, 2008 @ 3:45 pm
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