Fire Ball for New Years!


Alen and I setup and tested the new years fire ball we are going to use to burn in the new year.

Works Great!

Hope to see you all here for the new years party.

Escape From the Shipyard!

We had a wonderful time! Great food, creative backyard science and the Crew from Alabama!

Dinner was great, and Rich stopped by with the new signs for the car. Kyrsten did a great job designing them.

Look close, there is a ghost on board.

Scott Beale’s coverage

We are done!

Well almost, but we still have some details to finish before we head out to Burning Man.

Lots of late nights with little or no sleep.


Wired Article about the Snail!



Jon Sarriugarte, a blacksmith and fire artist, makes adjustments to the flame-emitting feelers on the front of The Golden Mean, his snail-shaped art car.

Story and photos by Emily Lang

OAKLAND, California — In a project that would make Franz Kafka grin, a 40-year-old bug has metamorphosed into a snail. The resulting creation, an art car called The Golden Mean, is a golden gastropod that glows in the dark and shoots rings of fire from its feelers. It also seats six comfortably.

Blacksmith Jon Sarriugarte, who fabricates custom home furnishings, worked with his wife, Kyrsten Mate, to transform a 1966 VW Bug into the rolling piece of art. The Golden Mean is making its debut at the Burning Man art festival this year.

Mate says she literally dreamed up the concept.

“I woke up and said, ‘We have to build this giant snail,'” she said. “It totally wasn’t planned. This whole project has been weird coincidences and math.”

The visually stunning vehicle takes its name from the golden ratio, a mathematical proportion that’s said to produce aesthetically pleasing art and architecture. The spiral in the snail’s shell is shockingly close to the ratio. Other inspirations for the project include the giant pink snail from Doctor Dolittle, giant mechanical elephant puppets by Royal de Luxe and Jules Verne’s imaginative creations.

Here’s a peek at last-minute preparations that took place in Sarriugarte’s Form & Reform shop before Golden Mean headed off for its date with the playa.

a head teaser

Jon was up until 6AM.  Yes 6AM after we started work at 9:30AM.  We’re exhausted.  Racing the snail (!) to the finish line.  Here’s a teaser of the head.

moon over snail
moon over snail

Slowly moving along

The final week days are upon us and things are looking so good. Lauren says we now just have to get it done regardless of how. Time for me to let go of all the details and just let this amazing crew do what they have done so well these past months. I can’t imagine how I’m going to repay you all!

more pics

Snail Ale (yes we even have home brew thanks to Keith and Merrilee!)

KSNL (K Snail radio at 95.1 again thanks to Keith and Merrilee!)

The late night crew. We had over 12 people Sat. and got so much done!

Over 50 panels in all and only 7 more to do! I’ll bet Hino has them all on by the time we wake up on Monday.

Lauren with the hardwood dash utilizing actual simulated virtual wireless technology from the Oil Punk era (note gauge at top).

To Do:

Fire Effects, Head lights, Straps for head, 7 panels, trim on top panels, Patina the entire shell in coppery bronze, paint, install wiring harness, install floor, install seats, reassemble fenders after paint, hubcaps, sound system, light effects, under body lights, curtains, have a beer, load.

Yes, we need help.

Maker Faire 2008

Wow we had the best time this last weekend at Maker Faire.

I want to thank the crew and performers for blue collar job well done!

The whole crew minus Tackett.

More Photo’s

Scott Beale


Maker Faire This Weekend!

We are loaded and on our way to Maker Faire.

Hope to see you all out there.


Maker Faire

Boiler Bar Theater Presents at Maker Fair May 3rd & 4th

Maker Faire

Jon Sarriugartes Boiler Bar Theater Presents
Circassian dancing beauties Denzel and Gibson
Mitara balances death
Dr. Morton presents a miracle elixir
Snake charmer Tansy
Dancing on Glass
Miss Melanies oddity emporium
Funambulist Mitara
Holy Volatile lights up the stage with fire
Uber Da entrances the musical ear

Fire Gardens to warm the body
A quartet of Circassian dancing beauties
Mitara balances death
Dr. Morton presents a miracle elixir
Snake charmer Tansy
Dancin on Glass
Miss Melanies oddity emporium
Funambulist Mitara
Denzel lights up the stage with fire

Sputnik Fire Garden


The Sputnik Fire Garden. A satellite you’ll want to orbit around on chilly nights.

These are made from recycled Halon spheres from ship board fire fighting systems. I added my Hand forged Pan legs and a rail to kick your feet on.

These Gardens are setup to run on propane and can also be setup to run natural gas. Shown here on the highest setting (yellow flame) they can also be turned down to a flickering blue flame. With a set of my hand forged tools you can write in the sand and make amazing fire art. It’s both warm and entertaining!

Contact me if you’d like to own one for your own yard.

Rentals are avalible for these, the Boiler Bar, and Stage for events and parties.
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