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Who would have thought he’d do it again (thanks Snook!) and would have thought it would be better! That was one of the best parties I’ve been too. Music was way too loud and they need a lot more junk to take out the empty tin sound of the place, but otherwise I had a great time. Us old guys are hard to please and I was.


Here’s my daughter Zolie and I in our matching overalls, and her new wings!

I got loaned some great photo toys  (thanks) and here are the pictures I took with the gear:


Sooo many great shots!

pictures from Pinball Mafia, Scott Beale

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Great party, and too bad about the sound levels.

Hint to the DJs of the world… when there’s *nobody* inside the venue, and everybody is outside (especially if it’s raining) it’s not because people can’t hear the music.

My guess is that DJs have no friends and don’t understand that while music adds to a party, people *also* go to parties to talk to people and catch up on things. That’s why there were 500 people standing in the rain while the main space was empty.

But many, many congratulations to Snook & the rest of the Nimby crew for making it all happen.

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